Amazon 28 February 2019 Quiz Answers – Today’s Amazon Quiz Answer – Brothers Feed

Amazon 28 February Quiz Answers

Amazon 28 February 2019 Quiz Answers – Today’s Amazon Quiz Answer – Brothers Feed.

Hey, Readers thanks for landing on our page as we promise we will share daily amazon quiz answers and now today we are back with the amazon quiz answers. We will share 28 Feb Quiz answers with you.

Amazon Quiz Winner

Many people are asked when Amazon will announce the winners of the Amazon quiz. so I will clarify you Amazon will be announced the quiz winner of the end of the month. so if you are participating in the January quiz. Amazon will be announcing the all winners on 28 Feb. Yes, Today Amazon will be given the all winners of the January Quiz Answers.

Amazon 28 Feb Quiz

So Amazon will give you daily quiz and today 28 Feb amazon will give you one more quiz and if you will give you the all correct answer. Then you can eligible to win the Amazon Prizes.

Amazon 28 Feb Quiz Answers

Q1.: With Less Than 1,000 Inhabitants, Which Is The Least Populated Country In The World?

Answer: Vatican City

Q2.: Where On The Human Body Is The Zygomatic Bone Found?

Answer: Facial Cheek

Q3.: Ablutophobia Is The Fear Of _______. Fill In The Blanks.

Answer: Bathing

Q4.: Which Of These Italian Cities Is Built Over 117 Islands?

Answer: Venice

Q5.: Yohei Sasakawa Was Recently Awarded The International Gandhi Peace Prize 2018, In Recognition Of His Work To Eliminate Which Disease Across The World?

Answer: Leprosy

How to participate on amazon quiz 27th February 2019

  1. You download the Amazon app in your smartphone
  2. Open the App and sign in this app ( YOU CAN ONLY PLAY QUIZ IN-APP)
  3. Now find the amazon quiz banner and click on it.
  4. Now you can see the START QUIZ option
  5. Now Amazon quiz will start and this quiz has five questions and you can see this question one by one in your smartphone screen.
  6. If you do the right answer you are eligible for the winner of the Amazon quiz.

Thanks for reading this we will see you soon in the next amazon quiz answers article.