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Arunima Sinha's Biopic

Alia Bhatt coming in new Bio Pic “Arunima Sinha”

In this Post, we have come with this news Alia Bhatt coming in new Bio Pic “Arunima Sinha”. Alia Bhatt is one of the great Actress in Bollywood. Recently they doing a great Job in the Gully boy movie. The Gully boy movie is the big hit in 2019.

So here are the Alia Bhatt’s new movie. The Alia but make a biopic in the Arunima Sinha. Alia doing the work in out of his strength now we can say that this movie becomes hit because of the Alia Bhatt and story od the Arunima.

 “Arunima Sinha” Life Story

This handicap lady Arunima Sinha. they have one leg and another leg cut in the train because of the On 12th April 2011 from Padmavati Express from Lucknow to Delhi they going in into the train.

That time some robbers Enter the train. they doing the robbers and they threw the Arunima out the train. Where they had flat in 2 days after the one person see and they want to the hospital.

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After the surgery, they lost his leg. she is a brave woman they decide doing something different. On 21st May 2013, the victory was flooded on Mount Everest. So they flooded the 7 peek of the Mount Everest.

New Bio Pic “Arunima Sinha”

This lady makes a record. Now Alia but make the Biopic on this lady. In this biopic, the Karan Johar and Vivek Ranghechari will produce the Biopic. The Arunima Sinha movie for those people how to become hopeless in the accident loss his body parts.


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