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Big Three Major Promises Narendra Modi's Failure

Narendra Modi’s failure to fulfill his promises

Hey, Guys, we will come with the many more Information about the Bjp Government. But we have three major promises Narendra Modi’s failure to fulfill and they do the other work Like demonization and Other work where the poor and illiterate people will in the trouble os we have some videos where poor people will depress with Modi.

In this video, this is the farmer and they said the Narendra Modi’s cant listen to our opinion about his Farmers Life they do the other work but they can’t do the work for farmer and Farmer will be died daily.

SO here are the Big three major promises Narendra Modi’s failure to fulfill


AS you know that in India many of the Student is Unemployed. Modi government promise to India That every single person in India will be Employed. But As you can see they gave the Created the Only 22 Lakh jobs in this year and past year recode will be there they have created the 8 crore job only.

But India is the very big populated country where you can see the 130 crore people will live in India and where the 50 crore people will unemployed and others will uneducated or do the Labour.

So They can’t fulfill his promise in the past five years.


The price rise is the most common and major problem for all of the Indian peoples. because if many of India will do the labor and they want the less prise in the daily use of products and food.

But when Modi will come in the GST the Prise will be rise Like the petrol will rise in the 75% after the Modi government. And Diesel will also rise to 60%. Poor people where can’t afford.


This is the main topic because of the Modi government will do the demonization for they want the finished the black money. So as you the when demonization will introduce the 3 lakh crore Old notes will back in the Rbi bank. And they will say All the Money will change so How that possible if money will change so where is the black money and if you have the Black money back then here is the suspect of the black money.

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