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Blackia Movie

Dev Kharoud And Ihana Dhillon Both in upcoming movie “Blackia

we are here for you with this post the movie Blackia.  Talking about the movie the main lead in this movie is Dev Kharoud and Ihana Dhillon. he is one of the great stars and they prove itself in his past year movie. Dev kharod’s most famous movie is Rupinder Gandhi.

This movie won the fan’s heart this movie based on the biography of the Rupinder who live in khana village. After the great success, the producer will make the sequel of this movie.

The movie sequel of this movie earn the 3 crores in the total and this movie had broken the ticket window.

Talking about the upcoming movie “Blackia 

This movie based on the early 90’s time. when some mafia sells the drugs and everyone was afraid of it. these people name called Blackia.

This Released the teaser on the youtube you can watch here:

you can see in the teaser the Dev in the jail and dev has the great acting skill and you can see in the other movie this man play the role of the gangster and they did a great job in his role.

Here some Instagram post of the Ihana Dhillon of the movie Blackia


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