Celebrity Expose Part 2 – Cobrapost Expose – Operation Karaoke – Report By Brothersfeed

Celebrity Expose Cobrapost Operation Karaoke

Celebrity Expose Part 2 || Cobrapost Expose || Operation Karaoke || Report By Brothersfeed

The CobraPost is the youtube channel. where they Expose the big celebrities and they provide the off-camera news. They make an Operation karaoke. In this operation you can see they go and meet the big star and after they show how the big celebs take the money and promote any of the political party.

They want the money in cash so they hide the Tax and showing that they support the political party. They EXpose the many Celebrity Like SUNIL PAL, BABA SEHGAL, EVELYN SHARMA, HITEN TEJWANI, AND GAURI PRADHAN, MAHIMA CHAUDHRY, MINISSHA LAMBA, PANKAJ DHEER, AND NIKITIN DHEER, SALIM ZAIDI, SONU SOOD So here the main star who will promote the any of the political party.

What is Operation Karaoke

There’s a storm brewing in Bollywood, all thanks to a sting operation by Cobrapost. A 60-minute long documentary that has been released by the non-profit organization is indicating a few prominent names from the industry.

In a series of videos posted by the official account of Cobra Post on Twitter, around 36 well-known Bollywood celebrities have been exposed. These celebrities have been caught on camera offering to promote political parties, in exchange for money.

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The two-man going to the famous celebrity and ask to the celebrities they have the political party leaders and they want the promoted his party. So every celebrity ready for and they want the heavy amount. But this is not the main point. The main point that they want money in cash So hiding the Tax.

So here are the Total Videos of the Celebrities:


“Bas aap ye dhyan rakhiyega ki aath mahine continue rakhein ye nahi ki beech mein chhod dein aap mujhe … aur agar ho sake toh fir aath mahine ke baad bhi fir continue rakhein usko aage bhi zaroorat padegi (Please see to it that you honour the contract for eight months. Don’t leave me half way through it … and if it is possible continue it after eight months. You may need it further).”


“Teen thoda kum hain. We charge five normally. That is my normal rate (Three [lakh rupees] is somewhat on lower side. We charge five normally. That is my normal rate).”


“Haan, aap pehle hee pay karte hain (Yes, do you pay in advance).”



“I would love all in cash.”


“Samajho aap 28 ko aa rahe ho transaction ho jaata hai 28 kee sham ko main kar doongi taaki first week of September mein jab aapka pehla aa jaye toh wo paanch din ka gap rahega toh wo (Suppose, you say you are coming on 28. If transaction takes place on 28, I will post the tweet that very evening. So, when I receive the first advance in the first week of September, there will be a gap of five days).”


“Aap mujhe ek cheej bhejoge … content. Usko content ko apne hissab se appreciate karoongi that is (You will have to send me one thing … [yes] content. I will appreciate it in my own way. That is …).”


“Kya hai matlab jaise ye nau mahine ka hai … chaar-paanch mahine ka ek aapka white ka RTGS ho jaata na toh hum log confirm ho jaate ki kaam karna hai (I mean, this contract is for nine months … see if you can arrange RTGS of the white component of four-five months together, it would confirm that I have to work for you).”


Wo game hota hai apna-apna yaar … apne ko kya hai apna kaam hai hum acchi baatein hum faila rahe hain saath mein dhan bhi de rahe hain toh oopar waale se faqir kya maangta hai (That is the rule of the game, friend … I have no problem. What I am supposed to do is spread good words and you would be paying me money in return … What more a faqir can ask for from the God).

Cobrapost Expose Part 2 Operation Karaoke – Report By Brothersfeed

according to our view the celebrity make money like this. This is not Bad if they had an audience so they charge to promotes someone. but they had wrong when they want the cash because they hide the tax. So the main problem is that they want money and they make anything you want.