US Seeks Information on Potential Misuse of F-16 by Pakistan Against India – Brothers Feed

F-16 by Pakistan Against India

The united state need information on misuse of F-16 by Pakistan 

In a few days ago the Indian army show some part of the f-16. during the Ariel attack by Pakistan in army installations camp and Pakistan denied this and says that we are not using the F-16 fighter jet and the f16 that down by the Indian army. pakistan said that this plan is not from Pakistan.

State Department spokesperson told PTI ” “We are aware of these reports and are seeking more information,” PTI says that Pakistan has violated his agreement by the clash in his plan in India.

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Lt Col Kone Faulkner, a Defense Department spokesperson told PTI “Due to non-disclosure agreements in Foreign Military Sales contracts, we cannot discuss the specifics of end user-agreements contained within,”

F-16 by Pakistan Against India

The US is the largest and hi-tech defense weapon producing hub and many featuring hubs in all the world. so in the past few days, Pakistan has much matter about the missus about in front of India.

so we clearly know about this if any of the complaint about the misuse of the any of the weapon they had allegations of misuse of defense articles very seriously.


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