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Guddiyan Patole

‘Guddiyan Patole’ Trailer, Cast, Storyline, Full review

The famous singer and youngest actor name called Gurnaam Bhullar coming in his upcoming movie ‘Guddiyan Patole’. The movie Is belongs to the old relationship. The two girls back from Canada in his granny house and where they will happen good and bad.

‘Guddiyan Patole’ Cast :

Now talking about the movie cast Sonam Bajwa, Gurnam Bhullar, Tania, Nirmal Rishi, and Gurpreet Bhangu. also, ‘Guddiyan Patole’ movie is directed by Vijay Kumar Arora.

‘Guddiyan Patole’ trailer and Storyline

So here is the trailer in this trailer starting the Gurnaam Bhullar in the Airport. they have come to pick both girls who have come back to Canada to meet his Granny and watching his village.

So when they have come to his village they will see all the village up’s and downs. when they want his granny room. they see the granny was upset with his family. so they both decide they both are gone in the city with granny and watch the whole city with granny.

So if you want the Full Story then wait for the movie. if we have any of the updates of this movie. so we will update as soon as possible.