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Halala Web series

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This time Ullu make the web series on the region topic. this time they make the web series on the After three divorces to the woman in Islam, the process of marrying the same woman again is called Halala.

This marriage is primarily done by some sects of Sunni Muslims, because according to Sharia if a man has given three divorces to the woman then that man has insulted that woman, hence the man is now the woman Can not get married again

Halala Web series Official Teaser


The story of HALALA revolves around the couple’s compromise for love and a fearless woman’s journey and her fight within inner self and society. This March #Ulluapp brings the most heart-wrenching tale

The cast of the web series is Shafaaq Naaz, Ravi Bhatia, Deepika Singh, Ejaz Khan, Neelima Azeem

But As you Know when anybody talking bs for the religion the people got angry here is the rection of the teaser.

Halala Web series

according to our review, this web series his something different in other web series. so Now they make the religion web series so if Ullu make any of the web series they take the many of the bold sense now will see the how they make this web series in 29 March 2019.