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Kulfi kumar Bajewala Spoiler Alerts

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala spoiler Alerts – Kulfi is a helpless big twist

In this post, We have come to this news Kulfi Kumar Bajewala spoiler alerts – Kulfi is the helpless big twist. If you know about this Sikander know about the Nimart’s truth. Lovely has played a new game to separate Sikandar and Kulfi. She didn’t wish Sikandar to know the truth of Sikandar and Kulfi’s relation.

Sikander can’t read the paper because the paper is brunt and the words are not clear. So they can’t read properly. Nimrat pleads to him to read the diary fast and stop Kulfi from leaving.

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She begs him to know the truth. Sikandar finds the paper burnt and wants to know the name at any cost. Lovely sends shattered Kulfi to the hostel. Kulfi is helpless. She is compelled to get away from her daughter.

Sikander fails to stop kulfi. they reached the boarding school to see the kulfi. when they reached the school and watched that the kulfi not in the school. because of Lovely has sent Kulfi to the orphanage to add up Kulfi’s troubles.

Sikander gets worried for the kulfi because she is not in the school. She wonders where is his little anger. Sikandar will reach Kulfi and get her home, knowing Lovely’s another creepy cheat.