How to Make Ultimate Money With Instagram – Brothers Feed Guide

Make Ultimate Money With Instagram

The ultimate Instagram meme page guide: 100k followers in less than 3 months + how to make money with them.

Before you read, if you already have a meme page you can skip to 10.

1. Step one, create a meme page (obviously), be sure to choose a creative name, don’t use numbers and try not to use _ or . for no reason, the name must be easy to remember, it should be somewhat edgy to attract more kids

2. Start posting, you won’t need any real skill for that, you don’t even have to be smart, just start following big meme pages (that I’ll include later in this guide) and basically steal their content, easy as that.

3. Stealing their content, how do you properly steal their content? If it’s only pictured… well, just fucking screenshot them, if it’s videos try using some type of downloader, for iOS I recommend instagram++, for Android, it’s OGInsta (there are probably better ones for android them I have an iPhone so I don’t Know)

4. once you have a good amount of memes saved on your phone be sure to get some fresh hashtags, you will need them to start growing, we’ll get rid of them later, just google “Instagram hashtags”, you will find them quickly, you can use up to 30 in every pic description

5. save your hashtags somewhere so you can easily copy-paste them each time you post a picture.

6. start posting, post at least 1-2 times a day, max. one post every 3h, you don’t wanna spam your followers, include your hashtags in every description and if you wanna be some type of personal add something to the description, I often used to do stuff like “I just woke up, how are you guys doing today?”

7. Great, you have your Instagram page with a couple of pics… now, where are the 100k followers?! This is where the pain part begins, we’ll start out by growing your page naturally (it’ll be faster later, just keep reading)
Start following some big pages (that I’ll include somewhere at the bottom) and comment under their posts, start visiting other (smaller) meme pages with like 0-500 followers and start liking their last 3-5 posts, they’ll most likely follow you

8. Let’s say you gathered around 250 followers, that’s the part where we’re getting shady (don’t worry, nothing blackhat)
Start a giveaway of some gift cards or something (something realistic, not some $15k pc or some bullshit), create a pic that includes your username and the fact that you’re doing a giveaway with that item, let the rules say, that they have to repost the pic, tag you and follow you if they want to enter. Let the giveaway run for like a week or 2 and you will gain a LOT of followers, once the time is over just let some friend of yours win

9. Great, you got like a few hundred followers after, like a month of work, that’s not even close to 100k, wtf

10. Seed growing: Most meme pages sell shoutouts (even if they don’t publically say it, they’ll do it), most meme page owners are 15-18 and in need of money, we will use that knowledge.

Find a meme page with at least 100k active followers, ask them how much they want for a shoutout (it’s usually $10-$25), and buy it (don’t worry, you’ll make the money back)

Buy a lot of shoutouts until you have like 10-20k followers, then start selling shoutouts yourself, use the money to buy even more shoutouts.

At this point you 95% made it, just keep repeating the buying-and-selling-shoutouts part until you have 100k, if you wanna do it really shady cooperate with other pages and let them post the half of a horror story and let them say, that the other half is on your profile (you will need to go private for this), wait until you have like 1k follow requests and go public again, they obviously won’t find that horror story on your profile but they won’t care and will stay followed.

11. Actually making the profit with that page

Having a huge amount of followers is a great way to make money with very little effort.

-as I said, sell shoutouts
-find partners that will pay you for being an influencer (like t-shirt companies that print meme shirts and shit), there are a lot of companies on Instagram that only has a few k followers.


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