Mohammed Shami’s Wife Hasin Jahan will be Arrested In Last Night – Brothers Feed

Mohammed Shami Wife Hasin Jahan Arrested

The Most Famous and the Fast Arm bowler Mohammed Shami they last year they in the news daily because of his wife. The last year the Mohammed Shami will be in the Conservancy.

Mohammed Shami’s Wife will be the case on the Shami That he had the Extramarital affairs and they take his life. but Mohammed Shami will be innocent and they file the divorce Against his wife and they take the divorce and now we have the one more news about Mohammed Shami’s wife.

So you can see in the post they will be not fine. But last night theyHasin Jahan has not been able to move on in life. Because last night they came to Mohammed Shami’s and they started arguing with his parents.

She wants his daughter Bebo and they create the scene that time Shami’sparents will call the cops and they were come and arrested the lady in section 155.

In this section, the police will Aressd te the person for 24 hours. But the next day they will leave the station. now the Main news is that the Shami will be Going for the world cup and them never Alone his parent do what can they do.

Now this man Is playing in the top from in Vivo IPL 2k19 with Kings X1 Punjab. ANd they prove that this man is not affected by his personal life now they will be doing better also they will go to the World cup 2019.