Muslim Woman Abused PM Modi In Show Up Tak – Video Added – Brothers Feed

Muslim Woman Abused PM Modi

Election of 2019

Election time will be running and Face One election will be completed and Now the before the Next Face will start the Election the many of the news will be spread for the Modi Government where you can see the Aaj Tak will conduct the One show name as UP Tak where they will go and Take the idea of meeting people.

In the last show, the Host Rogit will go in the Show where the Muslim woman Come into the mice and they will abuse MODI. So we have the video for this

So now in this, Spotter will also there and they will very angry and they want the apologies for this type of statement. So they want the Feel sry. But woman cant Apologise for his statement.

In our India, the Government leader will want the vote Hook by crook so they took the fight between religion Hindi and Muslim so they want the vote for the Both Side. many of the leaders will be doing this type of work and they give the money and Drugs to the voters for his voting.

The law of the country clearly does not allow this, But they cant Action against this because of the If any of the people will be arrested for this they come back very soon. this is the Indian Government role.