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New Upcoming Web Series from Alt Balaji

ALt Balaji is the Big name in the Bollywood and they make the many series. Now they make the new web series and this web series is the Erotic web series and it can be full of fun.

So here is the two Upcoming web series from ALt Balaji

1) Bekaaboo – Alt Balaji

The Bekaaboo is based on the Top selling novel Balck Suits you this Novel is base on the Eroticness and the Author’s life story. In this web series, the men had everything in his life but they have problem with the One girl they blackmail for the many reasons and he is very depressed with it they take the suicide and finish his life.


So here is some video of this web series we are adding the trailer of this web series and also you can see the episode for free and wait for our next post we are adding the downloading trick for free.

“Meet the Bitch you all had been waiting for – Kashti The most intriguing character straight out of the popular novel ‘Black Suits You’. To know how the story unfolds, watch out for the Bekaaboo trailer ”

So here is New web series from Alt Balaji. So this web series is streaming in the May 15 and in this web series the 10 Episode will be shown and you can see the web series is full of Fun and naughtiness.