Pakistani Rapper Chen k Diss Indian Rappers – Diss For Publicity – Rap Battle

Pakistani Rapper Chen k Diss Indian Rappers

Pakistani rapper Chen k diss Indian rappers

In this post, we have come to this news Pakistani rapper Chen k diss Indian rappers. Chen Kis one of the best rappers in Pakistan. His mostly Rap from the Indian rapper and any time his rap they Diss the Indian rapper like Bohemia, Rafftaar Badsahah, and Lil Golu and many of the famous rapper they diss.

Chen k New diss for Indian rappers

Chen k released their new Diss and In this diss you can see they are talking about the Indian rapper and says they copping her famous song in the Indian version.

So if don’t watch so firstly watch and then read the post. Now after the releasing the song Zee music company copyright strick for this song

 And then Chen k posted this after the block his song

“As it was expected, zee music has taken down the video manually even though my fam is still uploading it. @raftaarmusic zee music can try and erase the truth from YouTube but it will remain alive between you and me and those who are capable of seeing the truth. I will make sure these truths will keep shining this whole year. #2019″

Now the posted the one more video. In this video, they showing the song how copied the Indian rapper his rap.

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Now we can say that this is all about the conservancy and they posted most of the diss about the Indian rapper and they know about it. if they diss about the Indian rapper they get famous fast.



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