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PUBG Mobile New Update

PUBG Mobile New Update 

PUBG Movie Is now ready for the New update In The Tencent Game Company has Offical announced the In his press released they will say They had released this game in his Next week. So now we have the 0.12.0 Offical patch Image where PUBG is Now Down Till Towmoror for the PUBG mobile new Update released.

So now we have more news About this PUBG mobile new Update 0.12.0is released in the 17 April. So now they will down his server 16 April 2019 And Next day they released the Update.

PUBG Mobile New Update

So here is the official patch notes shared by Tencent.

The update is expected In PUBG mobile Version 0.12.0

Darkest Night mode, a spectator mode, and a more competitive version of Survive Till Dawn. We can Explain all the Items.

Survive Till Dawn 2.0 – In this Update We will see the Past Event Mode will change With new one with Version 2.0. This time they will change with the new gruesome ghouls and never-before-seen ballistic weaponry for more Realistic gameplay.

PUBG Mobile New Update

Darkest Mode – The Previous Dark mode will be changed with the new one and this time they will add the More Dark version and now you can play Event mode Solo as well.

PUBG Mobile New Update

Crosshair Modifications – Red dot, holographic, 2x scope and 3x scopes can be adjusted to different colors And Also you change the shape as well.

So here is The PUBG mobile new Update released. so Now we will see that what they will add in the game and What they can’t add in the game so if you want the any of the Updated So you can ask in the common box we will answer as soon as possible.