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Here is The PUBG Season 6 LEAKS And Also The Update Date – Brothers Feed

The player unknown battleground is the most famous game. In a few days ago they complete the One year In his Mobile variant. In the Pubg game, the 100 players will play the game and they go to the Island where they survive and kill each other. The last player can win the Virtual Chicken dinner.

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So now they In a few weeks away they launch the Season Royal pass 2 launched and in this season they launched the zombie mode for the one month period.

Now news is that PUBG Season 6 LEAKS

PUBG Season 6 LEAKS is too many changes in this year. the launch the very creative logo and usee the Maron color very much.


In this update, you can see the Chicken Boat | Pathfinder Skin | Bunny Dance Emote etc

here is the Pubg new Skin Leaked the name called Pathfinder Skin. This Skin is look Alike the Apex legends Skins. The popularity of the game the PUBG will release his new Skin. So they giving the All package of the pathfinder Skin like Boots and Bags and Helmet.

Pathfinder Skin


Credits – Noob The Dude Youtube Channel

Here Is the Video of the All Update 

So you can see the Bunny dance in this video and Bunny Skin Looking so Good. So here is the military out fir for the Indian military Look-Alike. There are many Achievement in this PUBG Season 6 LEAKS. So now they Giving the Free PUBG Season 6 parashot for the All players.

So Now in this game, they give the chicken Boat and Dancing Players. so this not Enoh they launch the many of the new Skin for the All Uc player.

So talking about the Price of the PUBG Season 6 Uc pass. price is the same as the Season 5 they take the Rs 2000 for the all players.


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