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Seasoned With Love Short movie

Seasoned With Love This is the one more Short Movie released in this month. In this web series, you can see the One married couple issues and trust level. So, First of all, you can see the Trailer of this Seasoned With Love Short movie.

SO if you can see this the Sudhanshu Pandey (Arjun) is the main lead and the Richasony Sumbhaniya (Malti) she is the Married woman and loving wife paying a surprise visit to an unfaithful husband and it’s after effect.

When she gets the surprise that time his husband is in the Another girl (Flora Saini as Diya) in his House. Now we can see the Husband and Wife Relation.

Seasoned With Love Short movie Cast

  • Starring Sudhanshu Pandey as Arjun Richa Sony as Malti Flora Saini as Diya
  • Directed by Lakshmi R.Iyer
  • Produced by iRealities
  • DOP: M Ravichandran
  • Story by Adithya Nair Screenplay
  • Dialogues by Saurabh Pandey
  • Music by Sagar Kapoor Indrani Bhattacherjee ( for the teaser )
  • Production Designer Yashashvi Shah
  • Executive Producer: Virendra Kumar Pandit Sunil Akerkar DI Colorist Sunny Vohra
  • Editor: Rajeev Solomon Ram Naidu
  • Sound Design & Mix by RH
  • Associate Director: Badal Ramakrishna
  • Assistant Director Sumit Sheoran
  • Publicity Design Seek Red Associate DOP: Sashi Narayana
  • First Assistant DOP: Rohan Narayana
  • Media Relations: Avantika Sinha, Soapbox

Our Review of this web series the Sudhanshu Pandey they are working in his Lats web series Dance bar by Ullu Pa where they do the great work. In the Other hand The Flora Saini she is the Good Artist and they also make the many of the web series.