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Spotlight 2 Web Series

In this post, we are talking about the Spotlight 2 cast, Songs, Story Ahead So consummate filmmaker, Vikram Bhatt, never ceases to surprise us. For, the surprise is the reigning emotion one feels, while binge-watching his latest web draw– Spotlight 2, on Viu.

Recycled tropes, a done-to-death narrative and stereotypical characters are just a few of the liberties that the makers dare to take with the second installment of Spotlight.

In The Viu’s Spotlight 2 Vicky Varma (Karan V Grover) Story Ahead:

Vicky, a young musician, extremely talented and with his melodious voice had won the hearts of the entire country- but then something went wrong? Vicky climbed the ladder of success in the music industry in a very short span of time but his many successes got to his head and soon he had a fall.

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He is a bad boy with a golden heart who is an alpha male with issues which lead to his inability to perform better and better in his singing. In steps his ex, who he had abandoned on his way to success.

Someone requests him to take her help and come back in shape. What happens to Vicky, does he make it in his career? Does he recoup his fall from grace? Is he able to connect back with his music and win back the hearts of his fans? Wait to find out!

Spotlight 2 Cast

1. Aditi Arya
2. Mehul Dawar
3. Karan V. Grover
4. Ruhi Singh


Spotlight 2 Songs

  2. Dil Ye Dil
  3. Duur na ja
  4. Ghar Se Nikla
  5. Aao na
  6. Beparwah
  7. Humsafar
  8. Na Tum Rahe Tum


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