Sunny Leone Expose || Cobrapost Expose || Operation Karaoke || BROTHERS FEED

Sunny Leone Expose

Sunny Leone Expose || Cobrapost Expose || Operation Karaoke

The CobraPost is the youtube channel. where they Expose the big celebrities and they provide the off-camera news. They make an Operation karaoke. In this operation you can see they go and meet the big star and after they show how the big celebs take the money and promote any of the political party.

Sunny Leone Expose || Operation Karaoke

Sunny Leone is one of the greatest Bollywood celebrities in this industry. They have a huge fan following on social media and they had worked on the many Bollywood movie. This is not enough they make they have the director of the many Porn movies.

In a few months ago they released their Bio web series on Zee5 name called Kiranjeet Kaur. As you know they become the big hit.

We have added the trailer go and watch this. So you know the all about the sunny leone and why they choice the porn industry.

So come to the point Operation Karaoke:

The sunny leone is the Big star on the Bollywood and also they become the great star on the on-screen. They have a huge fan following on the social media

Sunny Leone following on social media:
  1. Instagram: 16.5 million
  2. Facebook: 4 million
  3. Twitters: 23 million

Now we add the full interview you can watch and then read the post:

As you can see that in the first behave denial ( sunny leone Husband ) they will clear the whole of that we are not posting this thing then they create the conservancy. And also they set the price of all the post they see the price 5 per post on all the social media.

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Like they want the 15 post and Denial charges the 750K Indian rupees in all the post and they want 10% cash whole the amount and after that, they want money in cash.

Now the Second half sunny would talk the person and they say that Modi sir make the denial Has overseas citizen Of India so they support the Modi ji govt.

They will ready to do it. Now according to this the common man, not they Tax cutter they also hide the tax and they will show that they had no money.