‘Thugs of Hindustan’ is a copy or not any Hollywood movie?

Thugs of Hindustan Is Copy

‘Thugs of Hindustan’ is a copy or not

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Phillip Madeos Taylor came to Kasganj, the author of the “Thugs of Hindustan”, which is being made on the Confession of a Thug. His novel tells that these thugs were stinging in the nose of the British rule. For the first time in this film, superstar Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan are working together. The information that comes about Philip Medoz Taylor’s Kasganj visit is also not less interesting. Philip came here from the bullock cart and he had visited the cantonment made here by British rule.

Historians here say that thugs were used in the surrounding area along with Kasganj and these thugs worshiped Kali Devi. Raja Rao Mukul Man Singh of Kasganj’s Fort Shankargarh says that Kasganj used to be a large thief in the area and he used to face the British. Even the thugs used to target the British and used to loot as soon as possible. History expert Amit Kumar Tiwari also tweeted about this.

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Due to the area covered with Katari, the area was a composite place for the thugs. By thieving, they used to run away in these remote areas and raise the difficulty of the British. Even today, these areas are considered to be bad for the miscreants.

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0-Philip Medoz Taylor wrote three editions of the Confession of a Thug novel, in which Kasganj is mentioned in one version. The first edition was written in 1839.

Thugs of Hindustan Is Copy‘Thugs of Hindustan’ is a copy or not any Hollywood movie?

Since Aamir Khan’s film “Thugs of Hindostan” has been announced, it was rumored that it was inspired by Johnny Depp’s Hollywood film ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. But now Aamir has rejected all these rumors.

Joining the entire show of ‘Dangal Dangal Ki Chali Hai’, with the whole team of its blockbuster ‘Dangle’, Aamir said, “This film is not inspired by any other film, nor is it a copy of any film. Adventure movie, but its story is different. ”

He said, “There are hundreds of action-adventure films, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘Indiana Jones’ and there are many other such films.

Aamir said, “Even though all of these movies come in the same category, but all of them are different movies, our film is also an action adventure film, but the story is different, even my role in the film is different. Are. ”

Amitabh Bachchan, Katrina Kaif and Fatima Sana Sheikh are among the major roles in addition to Aamir in Vijay Krishna Acharya’s directed “Thugs of Hindustan”.

Aamir said, “We will start shooting of ‘Thugs of Hindustan’ in June, and I am extremely happy that he is a film actress, Fatima, and she is a good artist and is absolutely right for this character.”