“Total Dhamaal” is Comedy’s Full Dose, Storyline and Full Rating and review – Brothersfeed


“Total Dhamaal” is Comedy’s Full Dose, Storyline and Full rating and review – Brothers feed

In this post we have come from this “Total Dhamaal” is Comedy’s Full Dose, Storyline and Full rating and review. As you can see that this movie has a multi-star cast and comedy movie. So that Inder Kumar has once again made the total of the Dhhamal series, Total Dhamaal, and this time three new celebrities are associated with it.

As you can see the trailer, Ajay Devgan, Anil Kapoor, and Madhuri Dixit these are the new faces in the Dhamaal series. This time one face is missing in the whole cast name called BABA ( SANJAY DUTT) this man is missing in the whole cast in this movie.

The Storyline of the “Total Dhamaal”

In this movie Boman Irani, who is preparing to change the notes of 50 crores instead of the old notes of 100 crores rupees. So you can say that this movie is like the first part of this movie series Dhamaal. So next in the story Radhe (Ajay Devgan) comes by jumping from the roof of the hotel and runs away with money.

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That time the money gave to his friend and they run away with money. They cheat the Radhe (Ajay Devgan) for the money and Now the race will start for the finding whole the money.

Total Dhamaal

In this story, there is an entry for Avinash (Anil Kapoor) and Bindu (Madhuri Dixit), who are fighting their divorce case in court. Then the judge says that your 14-year-old child decides who he will be with.

So they both are going to the road and that time helicopter will crash. they both are gone and ee the Boman Irani and then they the whole the story and 50 crore truth.

IF you know the next story then you can watch the movie.