Top 18+ Latest 4 Web series from UlluApp – Full review From Bothersfeed

Ullu Web Series List


Ullu Is the video streaming platform. where you can see they are posted the 18+ Content like they are posted the web series and short movies and many more things. So today I am sharing with the Lastest web series uploaded by the UlluApp and this web series reviews so you can watch this web series or not.

Top 18+ Latest 4 Web series from UlluApp

HALALA – Season 1 – UlluApp

In this web series Afza and Raahi, they are married together and they are happy with his marriage. But fate has different plans as their beautiful relationship faces turmoil and in the rage of fit, Raahil gives triple talaq to Afza. Now The Rahil wants his wife back but In Muslim Relation they never come back.

HALALA – Season 2 – UlluApp

Rahil wants the Afza back so they are interduce Zaid is the only hope to save Afza and Raahil’s broken marriage as the only option is left with the couple is Halala Nikaah. Watch the most controversial.

Melting Cheese

This web series is based on the married woman fulfill his satisfaction and they kill his husband by his friends Meera. And they both make a plan and they killed the Anand.

The Host

The host based on the Horror story that blows your mind. One couple finds the bungalow and they find the bungalow at a very cheap rate but then the seller is not asking the truth of this bungalow after they buy bungalow the misshaping will be started.

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