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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Aaliyah to meet Adityas

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Aaliyah to meet Adityas lookalike Yug

in this post we have come with this post: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Aaliyah to meet Adityas lookalike Yug. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Aaliyah wants to believe Rohan. as you can see that Sudha want his son back his home by hook and crook.

so they will try something weird with Raman. but something wrong happens every time that their relationship suffers. Rohan knows Sudha is the enemy of his marriage.

Now He feels ashamed and tells Sudha that he will bear the punishment now. He shocks Sudha by calling the cops and confessing the crime.

Now you can see Sudha will sweets but they have involved the crime but as you know Sudha want his son back nowRohann into the jail. now Sudha bail the Raman and now they came theSudha’ss house.

karan and Rohan argument with Sudha asks Rohan not to leave his mum. She fails to convince Rohan. Karan asks Rohan not to behave rudely with Sudha. He doesn’t want Rohan to hate Sudha.

Rohan says to Karan everything had happened with Raman all because of his mother they giving the drug overdose to Raman and Raman will point the gun to the ishita and now they blame Sudha for everything.

sudha tells to the Rohan they all done for the Rohan they come back his home. now they will be ashamed for all this they doing drama to the Rohan.

Karan scolds Sudha knowing her evil and also ends ties with her. Sudha loses both her sons. Karan apologizes to Raman for all the trouble caused by Sudha.

rohan doing all this good for the Rohan is trying hard to impress Aaliyah and win her trust so that she gives a chance to their marriage.

Now the main part: yug entered the Raman Bhalla’s house Yug wants to thank Ishita for helping him in his career. Yug comes across Aaliyah, whom he doesn’t even know.

Now Ruhi meets the yug and she said to yug she meets Aaliyah and Ruhi asked for yug she is the Aditya ex-wife aliya.

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